Data Lab

Tokenize a mock data set using Teradact's TokenizerPlus.

Teradact's TokenizerPlus was developped for tokenizing large sets of data. TokenizerPlus allows users to tokenize databases to securely store data on premise or in the cloud. Trusted parties can, when access to the database is needed, detokenize the data using a private key.

The TokenizerPlus Data Lab allows potential users to expirement with data tokenization. Enter a series of names, birthdates and credit card numbers and watch how the data is tokenized. Play around with different tokenization options, to get a first glimpse of Teradact's TokenizerPlus possibilities.

Tokenization Options

Input data

Tokenized data

Detokenized data

How it works, in a few simple steps

Enter data

Enter your sensitive data set, such as the user data displayed above.

Get your tokenized data

Your data is tokenized with TokenizerPlus. Your tokenized data can now be stored securely in the cloud or on premise.

Detokenize data

Detokenize the data using a private key.